University of Basra Leads the Group in Russian Indoor Football Olympics

On the second day of the International University Sports Olympiad held in Yekaterinburg, Russia, the team representing the University of Basra and Iraq achieved a well-deserved victory over the Russian team with a score of 2-1 in indoor football.

Dr. Ghassan Al-Bajari, a member of the Iraqi delegation, stated that the University of Basra, representing Iraq and being the sole Iraqi participant in the championship, secured a deserved win of 2-1 against the team from the Russian Federation in indoor football. The competition today was marked by intense competition, physical strength, and high skill levels. The expertise and leadership of the professional coaches from the University of Basra, Dr. Ahmed Abdulameer and Dr. Haider Aufi, were evident throughout. With this victory, the University of Basra and Iraq's total points have risen to three, allowing them to advance in their group after winning against the Uzbek and Russian teams.

It's worth mentioning that the opening day of the tournament yesterday was of international and professional standards in terms of organization and preparation, with the participation of universities representing over 34 European, Asian, and African countries."