The creation of the Department of Smart Medical Systems at the College of Computer Science and Information Technology at Basra University for the academic year 2023-2024. The vision of our computer science department is to improve the quality of health care health care in a way that relies on data, and to be pioneer at the national level in studying and implementing artificial intelligence techniques to solve specific practical problems in health care, and that we are recognized internationally as a high -quality health information management, and makes Access to healthy information technology is easy and easy for the doctor and the patient to understand clinical data.

Mission statement
Our mission is to improve the quality of interventional health care in a way that relies on data, conducting research in the field of health and clinical informatics, developing new artificial intelligence methods for medical applications to face challenges in the field of health care, and the use of artificial intelligence to help solve the gaps in mechanisms and diagnoses risk evaluation and treatments of human diseases The main to improve clinical care, lead to transformation in artificial intelligence -based health care through innovative research, apply this knowledge to treatment in hospitals and clinical settings, provide personal care for every patient, and produce specialists in quality health information management.