Visions & goals

college vision

Leadership in education and scientific research in its fields of specialization.


college message

Contribute to the transfer of our society to the modern level of knowledge. This is done by preparing creative minds and keeping up with them development in education and scientific research in the fields of informatics that develop analytical and methodological capabilities.


College goals

  1. Serving the development plans of the state by preparing specialized human cadres in a way that meets the community's needs of specialists in computer science and information technology.
  2. Contribute to the development of human knowledge in the field of informatics by encouraging and adopting advanced research programs.
  3. Developing practical, cognitive and leadership skills for college students.
  4. Contribute effectively to community service by providing consultations that are concerned with solving technical problems of a local nature.
  5. Providing high levels of education in various fields of information technology.
  6. Providing high-quality curricula that meet the dynamic requirements of the market need and support the economy through continuous updating of the content of academic and research programs to keep pace with the new in the field of knowledge and the needs of society.
  7. Enhance advanced academic skills such as critical thinking, analysis and synthesis
  8. Enhancing scientific research skills for faculty members and students.
  9. Producing innovative, world-class scientific research.
  10. Strengthening the competitiveness of graduates.
  11. Developing the performance of faculty members.
  12. Supporting continuous development through national and international partnerships.
  13. Strengthening the college's role and influence in the local community.