Basra University organizes an electronic workshop on (3D printers and their mechanism of operation)

The College of Computer Science and Information Technology organized a workshop on (3D printers and their mechanism of operation)

The workshop presented by teaching staff Eman Mohsen and Engineer Haider Muhammad included that 3D printing technologies have become an urgent need in our time.

The workshop showed that the technologies of the 3D printer are mainly divided into several departments, the most important of which are molten deposition technology and the technology of liquid resin crystallization with ultraviolet rays and also by laser beams, as these techniques have become essential in space sciences, medicine, engineering, and in the field of education.

The workshop aimed to raise awareness of the importance of 3D printing and the extent of our need for it now and in the near future.

The workshop recommended teaching three-way printing techniques in school curricula and using them as means of clarification and in implementing graduation projects and postgraduate theses.