Basra University organizes a course on learning the skills of using the program zoom in e-learning

The College of Computer Science and Information Technology organized a course on how to use the ZOOM skills in e-learning.

The course provided by the teacher included Alia Saad Al-Jubeir, and the teacher Sarmad Asaad Al-Shraideh. Information about the zoom cloud meeting program, which has recently become popular due to the Corona pandemic and the growing need for distance education, where the most important features of the application were presented.

The course recommended the optimal use of this application as it is the most popular application among teachers and students because of the features it provides that serve the educational process, including audio and video group conversations.

The course aimed at urging students to learn through this application because of its effective role in the e-learning process and their urgent need to use it in university exams at all levels.