Electronic portals at the University of Basra

The President of the University of Basra Launches Electronic Gates at Bab Al-Zubair Complex
University of Basra Media

Dr. Saad Shaheen Hammadi, the President of the University of Basra, inaugurated electronic gates for the entry of teaching and administrative staff, as well as students, at Bab Al-Zubair Colleges Complex. The aim of establishing these gates is to organize the passage of personnel and students through an electronic system, the first of its kind in Iraqi universities.

Dr. Saad Shaheen emphasized that each faculty member, employee, and student will be issued a smart card containing all their details, which will allow them to pass through these electronic gates. This enables us to make optimal use of technology and prevent security breaches, even if they are minor. Dr. Shaheen added that the implementation of these gates has been entrusted to several reputable companies in the security field, and these gates will be installed at all entrances to the University of Basra's sites in the near future.