Discussion of a Master's Thesis on "Predicting Heart Failure Using Soft Computing" at the University of Basrah

Under the auspices of the Respected President of the University of Basrah, Dr. Saad Shaheen Hammadi, and the supervision of the respected Dean of the College of Computer Science and Information Technology, Dr. Salma Abdul-Baqi Mahmoud, on Monday 23-1-2023, a master’s thesis discussion submitted by a graduate student in the Department of Computer Science (Wejdan Abdulhameed Jaleel) took place with the blessing of Allah, and under the supervision of Dr. Adalah Mahdi Jiyad, her thesis was titled "Predicting Heart Failure Using Soft Computing", which aimed to build and design a system that predicts patient survival or patient death in an attempt to reduce the risk of heart failure and take rapid and appropriate health measures to reduce death cases. This is done by using the neural network and the fuzzy neural network to discover the most important features that directly affect the patient's condition, as well as using other techniques related to this topic and comparing these techniques to get the best system. After extensive discussion by the committee charged with discussing the thesis headed by (Dr. Kadhim Mahdi Hashim) from Imam Al-Sadiq University (pbuh) / Dhi Qar branch and the student's defense of her work, the committee decided to accept the thesis after making minor modifications to it and with the appreciation (Excellence), congratulations to the researcher and the supervising professor.