Master Thesis at the University of Basra Discusses Methods of Removing Homogeneous Haze from Images

Under the auspices of the respected President of the University of Basrah, Prof. Dr. Saad Shaheen Hammadi, and the supervision of the respected Dean of the College of Computer Science and Information Technology Dr. Salma Abdul-Baqi Mahmoud, on Thursday 10-11-2022, a discussion of a master’s thesis submitted by a graduate student in the Department of Computer Science (Kholoud Abdul-Razzaq Karoun) took place, supervised by Dr. Zainab Najm Nimr and tagged "Removing Homogeneous Haze from a Single Image Using Convolutional Neural Networks", which aimed to obtain a high quality image in a short time by developing two networks based on convolutional neural networks and after extensive discussion of the discussion committee in charge headed by Dr. Zainab Ibrahim Othman from the University of Basrah and the student's defense for her thesis, the committee decided to accept the thesis after making some minor modifications to it, with an excellent grade.