Basra University organizes a course using word program

The College of Computer Science and Information Technology at Basra University organized a course using the word program on the FCC platform. The course included three lectures, where the teacher addressed Hadeel Ismail in each lecture dealing with an application from Office.

In each lecture there are 3 tests which are sent to the professors during the lecture period.

In the first lecture it included the word and we dealt with printing texts until we got to how to include the sources for research.

In the Excel lecture, she included how to deal with tables and how to do Excel interfaces.

In the PowerPoint lecture, it included the most important basics for presenting the lectures with the inclusion of audio clips.

The purpose of the course is to enable professors to give scientific material, starting from printing it through processing it if required via Excel, until presenting it to students using PowerPoint and inserting the sound on each slide as a means to help teachers in the e-learning phase that we are going through now.

Recommendations: To hold intensive courses for teachers on how to record electronic lectures.